Wrangler Air Charters


Home Base: KBOI

Wrangler Air is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fly Vegas, a virtual airline that operates on the FSAirlines flight management system.

Wrangler Air started out as a feeder airline operating regional jets under the Fly Vegas brand.

On February 5, 2016, Wrangler Air took over the bush plane division of Fly Vegas formerly operated by 4 Catz Air Service.

On March 23, 2016, Wrangler Air completed it's interior Alaska route construction and acquired 2 brand new Quest Kodiak aircraft for this service. Due to lack of interest, the Alaska Operations were terminated in 2019 as Fly Vegas/Wrangler Air Charters downsized to meet current pilot numbers, with continued focus on the Idaho route network already in place.

Wrangler Air Charters is where all new pilots begin their career at Fly Vegas.

AIRCRAFT: Wrangler Air Charters operates a fleet of single and twin engine aircraft, from piston powered airplanes to regional/business jets.