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Fly Vegas is a virtual airline existing only on the internet for entertainment purposes!

Please do not look for, or attempt to book any real flight through this fantasy airline website.
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Welcome to Fly Vegas!



Thank you to all who make this worthwhile!

Established April 19,2012



Fly Vegas uses the flight management system.

FSAirlines can be found here: FSAIRLINES

Pilot sign up is free.

All new pilot applicants must read the Standard Operating Procedures and register in the Agree to Terms link before submitting their pilot application.

All pilots should review the Emergency Procedure regarding exit procedures for major incidents.

All flight hours earned with other virtual airlines may count towards seniority provided the pilot applicant can produce documentation regarding those hours.

NEW PILOT APPLICANTS: The application process may take 24 hours, so please do not sign up then quit 15 minutes later because no one responded. Fly Vegas is a hobby, not a full time job for anyone.



Fly Vegas Standard Operating Procedures: Click to read

Fly Vegas Standard Operating Procedures Agreement: Agree to Terms

Emergency Procedures: WHEN YOU CRASH OR RUN OUT OF FUEL!

FSAirlines Penalties & Scoring: Penalties & Scoring


New Pilots Start Here!

FSAirlines Tutorial Video: Getting Started in FSAirlines

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Understanding the Package Cargo System

FSAirlines Package Cargo: Package System Video Tutorial - The Basics

FSAirlines Package Cargo II: Releasing Packages & Ground Delivery

FSAirlines Package Cargo III: Using Warehouses & Aircraft to Aircraft Package Transfers

FSAirlines Package Cargo IV: Updated Search Engine Information


Advanced Features for Senior Pilots

FSAirlines Creating Flight Routes: Flight Route Basics

Fly Vegas Pilot Route Creation: One Time Pilot Specific Routes

FSAirlines Batch Loading Flight Routes: CSV Files & Advanced Route Features

Fly Vegas Franchise Fleets: Franchise Fleets Explained


FSX File Handling and Flying Tips

Fly Vegas Airport Mod Installs & Basic Set Up Tips: FV Addon Scenery & Basic Set Up Tips

New Pilot Tips #1: The Traffic Pattern

FSX Float Plane Operations - The Basics: Float Planes - Basics

FSX Float Planes #2 - Amphibians: Float Planes - Amphibians

Fly Vegas was born on April 19, 2012 with one 737-300 airplane and one pilot, President/CEO Tim Davis - flying "Alaska Airlines" charters.

Fly Vegas is a North American based operation with headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our subsidiary regional partner airline, Wrangler Air Charters is based in Boise, Idaho. Fly Vegas has Senior Pilot operated Franchise Fleet hubs currently in Dallas TX, Chicago IL, Houston TX, Waco TX, Saginaw MI, Abbotsford BC, Kelowna BC, Vancouver Harbor BC and San Diego CA.

(old tail logo being replaced with new green tail)

Fly Vegas features the Boeing 737 family of aircraft. The FSAirlines operation also features executive and regional jets operated by Wrangler Air Charters.

Wrangler Air Charters is based out of Boise, Idaho. NEW PILOTS begin your career with Wrangler Air Charters, a subsidiary of Fly Vegas. Wrangler Air Charters acquired 4 Catz Air Service and they fly the following aircraft: Beechcraft King Air C90 & 350, Cessna 172, 185, Cessna 208, Quest Kodiak, Beechcraft 1900D.

The Executive Division of Wrangler Air Charters has been handed over to individual Franchise Fleets operated by Senior Captains who have 50 hours flown as a Senior Captain.

(old tail logo to be replaced with new green tail logo)

The Regional Passenger Division of Fly Vegas is operated by Wrangler Air Charters flying the Bombardier CRJ-700. Wrangler Air Charters also operates a cargo only Dash 8-Q400F.

Look for all the Wrangler Air repaints on the Fly Vegas Liveries link above. Many repaints of aircraft no longer used in active flight operations are still available.