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Airline Wide Streamlining Underway

Fly Vegas has begun a streamlining operation redirecting the focus of the business on the original core model - based around the Boeing family of jets. Wrangler Air Charters is being downsized and new pilots now must fly the orientation flights in the Cessna 208 instead of the Cessna 172 which have been phased out. The Bombardier Dash 8-Q0400 is being sold as well due to lack of interest and the regional captain focus will now be centered on the Bombardier CRJ-700.

Pilot Advancement has also been streamlined with new pilots able to reach Senior Captain status in 117 flight hours vs the old system requiring 147 flight hours.


New Website begins to take shape

Google Sites is forcing us to port Fly Vegas to their new format and the process has begun. During the month of August, the website will be a "work in progress" as we add the finishing details to our new look website.


Franchise Fleet Rebranding Continues

More pilots are coming on board with rebranding their Franchise Fleets to subsidiary regional airlines within the Fly Vegas company. Mich G has rebranded his fleet to Cove Air Services, offering float plane charters in/around the Vancouver Harbor area. His other planes have been traded or moved to Wrangler Air Charters and Fly Michigan.

Scott M has merged with Fly Vegas Cargo to form FlyUS Air Cargo. He has also acquired a used 747-800F to compliment the cargo fleet of 737, 757 & 767 aircraft. The HQ of FlyUS Air Cargo has moved to Dallas, Texas (KDFW) while the warehouse and 737-700C aircraft shall remain in Phoenix, AZ (KPHX).

The only new subsidiary carriers that are operating as true "start ups" are Fly Alaska and Fly Michigan. Fly British Columbia, FlyUS Air Cargo and Cove Air Services are all merged companies and/or simple rebranding where the District VP/Operator has chosen to keep the cash earned over the years with their Franchise Fleet.

In other news, President/CEO Tim Davis announced Fly Vegas is dissolving both his and Fred's personal Franchise Fleets. Tim stated he has more than enough company planes to fly as he prefers the Boeing 737 family. Fred has been inactive over 6 months now and his two planes were not sold but dispersed to Wrangler Air Charters and Jason's personal fleet.

To clarify the last matter regarding all the recent changes, Jason operates two Franchise Fleets as District VP/Operator due to his desire to operate a brand new start up in Alaska. Personal funds from Jason, Randy & Scott were donated to help this start up acquire the aircraft for their operation. It should be noted that fleets cannot transfer funds to each other as that would encroach on the home company's (Fly Vegas Holdings) loan system to individual fleets. Personal fund donations are allowed.


Fly Vegas Welcomes 2 New Subsidiary Carriers

On Thursday, December 12th, Fly Alaska was formed to serve the Alaska area with passenger and cargo operations. This new division is managed by the team of Jason Ballard and Randy Wood. This operation fills the void left when Wrangler Air Charters downsized throughout 2019, effectively leaving the Alaska region. This start up operation has older, rugged aircraft well suited for the harsh Alaska/Canadian environment: DeHavilland DHC5 Buffalo, McDonnel Douglas MD82 and the most recent acquistion, a Douglas DC-6.

In other news, Sam Scott has rebranded her Franchise Fleet into Fly Michigan and offers on-call air charters. Reservations are also taken to lock in specific dates. The Fly Michigan operation will feature executive aircraft and floatplane operations along with air cargo delivered via DC-3. The start up operation has a Pilatus PC-12, Quest Kodiak Amphibian and the old reliable Douglas DC-3.


Fly Vegas Logo Change

Like the famous "Vegas Vicki" neon sign that was retired from Fremont Street, Fly Vegas CEO & President Tim Davis announced today that Fly Vegas has retired the girl on the logo that has been the trademark of Fly Vegas since the re-branding of Fly Vegas from the original red, white and blue to Green, Gold and Black on white. COO Sam Scott found a wonderful poker chip image online and we were able to secure written permission to use the image for our new logo. Thank you!

The new logo reflects the colors of the two major professional sports teams in Las Vegas: The Vegas Golden Knights of the National Hockey League and the Las Vegas Raiders of the National Football League, coming to their new stadium next year, having been unable to secure a deal to stay in Oakland, California. The poker chip logo will hopefully be placed on all the Fly Vegas repaints as the primary tail logo. The rest of the aircraft paint scheme will remain the same.


Reorganization Almost Complete

The Fly Vegas reorganization plan has reached the final phase of completion with 20 aircraft waiting to be sold off.

The Standard Operating Procedures Manual has been updated and rewritten to incorporate all the changes as well.

Pilots with 100+ hours are now eligible to operate a "franchise fleet" of their own within the organization.

The new plan has reduced our footprint drastically across the country regarding parked aircraft in preparation of the roll out of the new FSAirlines Parking Fee's feature to be released on or around April 1, 2019. We now operate company fleets only from Las Vegas, Nevada and Boise, Idaho. Pilot operated franchise fleets may operate anywhere they choose and they have a maximum of 6 aircraft slots.


Fly Vegas names new Route Manager

Fly Vegas proudly announces Jason Ballard as the new Route Manager. Jason has almost 1000 flight hours with Fly Vegas and is a very welcome addition to the administration offices.


Wrangler Air Charters takes on the Yukon Territory

Wrangler Air Charters proudly announces the opening of their new hub at Whitehorse, YT Canada.

This hub will connect with and work alongside and connecting to the existing hubs at Juneau, Fairbanks and Anchorage Alaska.

The Yukon Territory hub will start out with service to Watson Lake, Dease Lake, Skagway, Teslin, Mule Creek/McCarthy, Ross River, Carmacks, Burwash, Haines Junction, Yakutat AK, Mayo, Dawson, Beaver Creek, Eagle Creek AK.


Standard Operating Procedures Updated

President/CEO Tim Davis announced today some procedural updates to the Fly Vegas Standard Operating Procedures.

Pilots will no longer have to "fly their assigned aircraft until it is paid off" before they can move to other aircraft. The aircraft type ratings and new aircraft purchases for pilots will be based on need and pilot merit.

In addition, the President also announced a "clarification" when using the FSAirlines system. "Fly Vegas pilots must have the type of aircraft in their simulator in order to fly it, substitutions are not allowed". He went on to explain with examples: "Let's say you have a 737-800 and you want to fly the 737-600, 700, 900, etc. You must have a model of those airplanes, you cannot attempt to trick the flight management system into thinking you are flying something you are not".

He further explained the FSAirlines system of aircraft recognition, "They will see the ATC ID code, so for example if you have a 737 and you want to fly the 737ER, that is OK. As long as the aircraft code is the same ... like the Beechcraft 1900C & D both use B190, the pilot is allowed to fly those aircraft with either model of the Beechcraft 1900 he/she may have in their simulator software."


Fly Vegas Big Bird Fleet gets Bigger

Fly Vegas announces another new addition to the jumbo jet fleet, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, assigned to Senior Captain Rick Ulbrich. This joins the 777-200LR and 747-400 currently in the fleet.


Montreal Service Changed and Expanded

Fly Vegas has moved operations from CYMX to CYUL and expanded service to all major hubs. We now service Montreal from Las Vegas,UP Portland, Chicago O'Hare, Dallas DFW, Tampa, Washington DCA, Cancun Mexico and Anchorage.


Now Serving Honolulu, Hawaii - Welcome Aboard!

Fly Vegas is pleased to announce our new service to Honolulu International Airport from Anchorage, Las Vegas and Portland. This new route will be serviced by our jumbo jet fleet consisting of the Boeing 777-200LR, Boeing 747-400M Combi, Lockheed L1011-500 as well as our long range 737, the 737-900ER.


The Alaska Bush Challenge

Fly Vegas and Wrangler Air Charters are pleased to announce the new Alaska Bush Challenge. This program is based on the very popular Boise Bush Challenge where passengers and cargo are staged at a supply hub waiting transport to smaller hubs throughout the state for connection to their final village destinations. Fly Vegas President/CEO Tim Davis approved a $50 million dollar budget to purchase a fleet of new small bush planes that have been placed in the local hubs. These planes are not assigned to any pilot but rather to the hub itself. Pilots can fly in supply loads in larger planes from Anchorage or Portland then jump into a small plane to make deliveries to villages. Anchorage will supply the following hubs: Bethel, Unalakleet, Kotzebue, Barrow, Fairbanks, Kodiak, Juneau and Unalaska. Portland will supply Vancouver and Ketchikan. Many thanks again to Sam Scott for dreaming up the concept and doing all the "grunt" work of research and spreadsheet preparations. Wrangler Air has purchased Beechcraft King Air 350, Cessna 206, Cessna 207, Cessna 208, Quest Kodiak and Quest Kodiak Amphibian aircraft for this operation.



Please pardon our "dust" as we rebrand Fly Vegas with a new logo and airline colors. The new colors will match our small plane division, Wrangler Air Charters. Many thanks again to Mich Custom Graphics for offering to repaint every airplane that was previously painted in the old red, white and blue colors.


2016 Annual Report Released

The annual report has been finished and posted in the Finance Dept. links. Click on the bottom page tabs to view the main report, the FSA asset report and the CEO's state of the airline report.


Congratulations to Rick U for Completing Europe Tour

The journey began 12-23-2014 and completed 12-7-2016. Thus far Rick is the only Fly Vegas pilot to complete the entire tour. The joys of Fly Vegas tours is you don't have to stay locked into them once you start, you can leave and come back at any time by simply buying a ticket to your other planes. Rick will be rewarded with a bonus of v$250,000 on Jan 1, 2017. The FSAirlines fee charged for awarding pilot cash prizes is insane but President/CEO Tim Davis thinks the 44.5 million charge to award a pilot 250K is still worth it after accomplishing such a long tour that travels 15,281 nautical miles and 45 flight legs. Rick generated $43,476,150.00 for the company on this tour. Great job Rick!


Are You Good Enough For The Bush Leagues?

There are some new routes out of McCall for those who dare. Take off in the Cessna 185, 208, Quest Kodiak or Viking/DeHavilland Turbo Beaver and test your skills getting into OR12, ID17, 25U, 3U1, U60, S81 and U63.


Wrangler Air Charters - New USA Tour

Wrangler Air Charters announces their new USA tour that visits every state capitol building (except Hawaii) as well as Washington DC.

The total tour is over 13,000 nautical miles and has 69 flights. Contact Mich or Sam over on the FSA message system for more details.


Alaska Airport Package Now Available!

Special Thank You's go out to Mich G and Sam S for their hours and hours of work to create the Alaska Airport Package over at Wrangler Air Charters. Bush Pilots be sure to download the incredible 50+ custom airport package at

The attention to detail is awesome and as always free to all who enjoy flight simulation.

Thanks Again Mich and Sam, you guys rock!


Wrangler Air Adds Warbird to Haul Cargo

President/CEO Tim Davis has acquired a restored Fairchild C-123 Provider to use as a heavy cargo hauler for Wrangler Air Charters Alaska Operations. The aircraft can haul up to 15,000 lbs of payload with plenty of fuel to get that cargo to it's destination. "We didn't want to remove the classic texture the restore people applied so this is our Air America tribute plane", quoted Tim during the press conference and roll out ceremony at the Vancouver International Airport facility.

The airplane will be based in Anchorage.


Wichita Office Makes Fleet Changes

Rick Ulbrich announced today the new fleet changes for Wichita. These changes do not affect others in Fly Vegas, only those directly associated with Wichita Assigned Aircraft. The workhorse A320 has been retired along with the 757-200. Both are currently listed for sale on the trader list @ $40 million dollars each. The Embraer Phenom, British Aerospace RJ100 and the Cessna 195 have all been scrapped.

The newest addition to the Fly Vegas family is an Epic Aircraft LLC Dynasty which has been assigned to Rick's group.


Hamilton MT Service Change

Fly Vegas announced today that operations have been moved from 99MT to S65 (KS65 in FSA). All passengers with confirmed flight reservations (paid in advance) from Fox Field will be picked up by shuttle van/limo service and brought up to Ravalli County Airport which is closer to Hamilton. Fly Vegas President/CEO confirmed the move was due to recent expansions of Wrangler Air's fleet which requires a larger airport facility. Ticket prices for all passengers will not change.


Wrangler Air Adds Float Plane Operations

Wrangler Air announces new float plane operations servicing the lower Alaska region with the division headquartered in Juneau, Alaska. The plan is to add float planes as demand requires with the initial fleet having 1 Cessna 208 Amphibian and 1 Viking Turbo Beaver Amphibian aircraft. Please see the link located on the home page: Float Plane Routes


Captain Sim Updates 777-200

Capt. Sim has updated the 777 base program recently and all users MUST remove all previous versions of the 777. DO NOT FORGET to remove your Fly Vegas texture and your current aircraft.cfg file to a safe place before you uninstall the Capt. Sim 777.

Once the new one is installed, simply replace the Fly Vegas texture and the aircraft.cfg file to resume operations.


Wrangler Air Continues Expansion

Wrangler Air continues to fulfill the promise made after acquiring 4 Catz Air Services by expanding operations to the southern Alaska region. Pilots Sam S and Mich G have successfully flown the first seaplane flights today for Fly Vegas/Wrangler Air in the FSAirlines system. President/CEO Tim Davis was quick to applaud their efforts as float plane operations in the past have met with less than desirable results. The team of Sam & Mich have been appointed to administrate the new division including creation and management of routes as well as posting a new route map.

Any pilots desiring to join the seaplane division, please contact either Mich or Sam on the FSAirlines message board to discuss the details to make their flights work properly within the FSAirlines system.

The Seaplane Division currently owns two new planes: Cessna 208 Amphibian and Viking/deHavilland DH2T Amphibian.


King Air 350 Gets Upgrade

The recently acquired Beechcraft King Air 350 has undergone several upgrades from it's default FSX status. First the avionics were replaced with all new Collins glass displays from Friendly Panels. The next step in the upgrade process was an installation of the Metzger modification series and the plane now flies fantastically smooth. We took it to Peoria for its maiden flight from Detroit Metro and it performed flawlessly down through the snowstorm to minimums at Peoria where we landed smoothly. The fuel burn rate had been modified by Fly Vegas staff and they went too far on the lean side so the next flight should more realistically depict a real world King Air 350's actual fuel burn. This community aircraft will be available for all to fly but we strongly recommend pilots install the Metzger mod pack first even if they don't buy the add-on glass avionics from Friendly Panels. See the link at the bottom of the page for the Metzger mod. Friendly Panels can be found at fs pilot shop.


Wrangler Air Adds King Air to Fleet

Executives at Wrangler Air today acquired two Beechcraft King Air airplanes, one model 200 and one model 350. The 200 was factory ordered with the Blackhawk package and has been delivered to the Boise terminal. The 350 was purchased used at the plane show in Detroit, a repo that has never been flown with 0 hours on it. The 350 has a deluxe executive interior package but the avionics are standard without any fancy upgrades. Both aircraft have been assigned the same routes the Cessna Citation Mustang flies. Senior Captain Rick Ulbrich has already claimed the bid on the 200 and is currently undergoing type rating school in Wichita.

In further news, Fly Vegas CEO announced this morning that all executive aircraft operations will be shifted to the Wrangler Air division. This does not change anything other than who does the paperwork as the maintenance facility at Wichita shall remain open for business and all executive aircraft should report there for maintenance. This includes the two new Beechcraft planes acquired today. The Boise Division maintenance department is more geared to maintaining the single engine fleet, although they are fully licensed and trained to maintain the Bombardier Dash 8-300 as well.


Wrangler Air Acquires 4 Catz Air Service

Fly Vegas is pleased to announce our regional partner Wrangler Air (not to be confused with any past or present real world company) has taken over all bush division operations from 4 Catz Air Service. Wrangler Air plans to expand operations in the Pacific Northwest and the division shall continue to be headquartered in Boise, Idaho at KBOI. All bush division planes will be serviced at the Boise facility.

Mich Custom Graphics has dispatched a paint crew to the Boise division to repaint the 4 Catz fleet. Look for the new repaint downloads soon on the Fly Vegas Repaints page.

New pilots with no FSA experience will find the Boise division a great place to learn the system and earn hours. Once a new pilot has achieved 10 flight hours, he/she will be qualified (after sign off by the Chief Pilot/Flight Instructor) to step up to the Wrangler Air Regional Jet Service and from there (after 25 total flight hours) onto the Fly Vegas line pilot ranks.