Fly Vegas Career Path

Step 1: New pilot orientation flights: New pilots need to fly the Cessna 208 from Boise KBOI to McCall Idaho KMYL and back and achieve both landings at a rate no greater than -400 fpm. These flights have no bearing on the pilot or airline reputation, they are merely practice flights to allow new pilots the time to adjust to using the FSAirlines Client.

Step 2: Once the new pilot graduates Orientation, they are now a First Officer flying for our regional airline within the airline, Wrangler Air Charters. First Officers are issued type ratings to fly all of our single engine aircraft (Cessna 208 - Quest Kodiak) plus the Beechcraft family of twins (Baron, King Air 350i).

Step 3: After flying 5 hours and 5 flights as a First Officer, pilots are promoted to Regional Captain which unlocks provisional type ratings for our Bombardier CRJ-700. Once they fly a "Qualification Trip" - out and back in the new type and successfully land both flights at a rate better than -400 fpm, they will be given the full type rating and can fly money making flights with the larger aircraft. Regional Captains now have access to the package cargo system allowing them to make more money per flight.

Step 4: After flying 15 hours and 15 flights as a Regional Captain, pilots are promoted to Captain which unlocks the provisional type ratings for the Boeing 737 family of airplanes. Again the new Captain will be required to complete a "Qualification Trip" in each type and once the landing rates have proven satisfactory, the full rating for all 737's is given. Fly Vegas Operates the 737-300, 737-700Combi & the 737-800. Captain Rank unlocks the ability to fly to any destination of their choosing using Charter Flight mode.

Step 5: Once a Captain has flown 25 hours and 10 flights as a Captain, the pilot is promoted to Senior Captain and the provisional type ratings for the 777-200LR and other heavies are unlocked. Once the new Senior Captain completes the "Qualification Trip" in the heavy type they want to fly, they are awarded the full type rating. Landing rates of better than -400 fpm are required for all qualification flights.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have made it to the top of our Career Path!