Fly Vegas Executive Services

Fly Vegas! is pleased to announce our new executive charter service featuring the 737-BBJ which has a range of 5800 nm.  The BBJ configuration features a 737-700 airframe with 737-800 wings and landing gear.  The overhead panel has 4 additional switches for the long range tanks.   The new iFly737NG published by Flight 1 has 3 interior versions from a corporate office configuration to a very private airplane complete with 2 bedrooms.   This jet is fit for CEO's needing that private office space and place to relax while traveling from the home office.  Flight crew includes Pilot, Co-Pilot and Chef.  Cabin Attendants will be assigned to meet each customer's needs (1-3).

Check out a real 737-BBJ interior here:  Real world 737-BBJ


New executive service available as of 8-11-12:   small airport business jet charter featuring our Cessna Citation Mustang.
This airplane is certified for single pilot operations.   Co-pilot is available upon customer request.  
4 very comfortable executive seats with flip up work stations, computer power/USB charging and individual work station lighting.
This little jet will get you to your next executive meeting in style.